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A little about us...

Leading the Pack is run from our home workshop in York, North Yorkshire. It was started as a hobby, born in 2007 when I, Emily, was working as a full time kennel assistant for my local animal shelter. 

I loved my job, but it was heartbreaking to see the same dogs overlooked time and time again. I tried many ways to make the long-stay dogs stand out from the others. I would give them unique and unusual names (something that didn't always go down too well with management), but found that putting vibrant and eye-catching collars on them would help them stand out of the crowd. Collar choices were limited, especially when we were dependant on donations for all of our collars, so I decided to make them. Sadly, I had to stop working full time due to health issues, but could turn my attention to moulding my hobby into a business, and here we are.


I'm a 30-something wife and mum, to two-legged and four-legged kids! My favourite food is good old Yorkshire puddings! I've lived in York all my life, and studied ICT and art.


Dave is the resident DIYer, an ex-mechanic, he's always got his hand in something. He runs the big machinery for the business, and also does the running around for me! He runs on coffee and ham sandwiches, and likes big trucks!


Mog is a rescue kitty, who is now 16! His likes include warm laps, long naps, and stealing food from the neighbours. He can usually be found asleep under a bed, or hanging out with his mates.


Vernon was the original inspiration behind our branding. He was a long stay dog in my kennel block, waiting over 2 years for a forever family, so I took him home during the Easter break, and never took him back! Devestatingly, we lost him to cancer in Feb 2013.


Pandy was adopted in 2009, after being tied to the kennel gates with his two siblings. I named the trio Andy, Pandy and Pudding, but very quickly it became apparent that Pandy had epilepsy, and had to be separated from the others. He came home with me, and became best friends with Vernon. His hobbies include licking the floor, walking in circles, and barking at/running away from nothing! He's a special lad!


Echo was originally rescued from police kennels after her previous owner was incarcerated. She's your typical husky, likes to ignore me whenever she can, and always seems to get her own way. She loves walks, tummy tickles, and chasing small furry things! Although she's 14 now, so she's slowed down a lot, and can be found chilling in the garden most of the time.


Colin is the baby of the muttley crew, although he's not a baby any more! He's also a typical husky boy, a big bouncy softy, although he does a good job guarding against delilvery men, noisy kids, and hedgehogs!

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