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Collar styles available

At Leading the Pack, we make a range of different collar styles to suit most breeds and applications.

Below you will find information about the different styles available.

Safety breakaway collars
10mm wide collars suitable for cats, with a clip designed specifically to release, or pop open, when snagged or pulled. Adjustable, available in two sizes. Cat collars all come with a bell and split ring where a tag can be attached.

Clippy collars
Our most popular adjustable collars, with heavy duty side release clips. Available in 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 40mm widths, either made to measure or select from set size ranges.

Semi-slip collars
Popular for working dogs, these collars have a two inch slip section built in, designed to tighten when pulled, with a D ring or oversized O ring. These collars are adjustable, and are available in 20mm and 25mm widths.

Martingale collars
Like the half-check collars, these have a tightening loop, although in the case of the martingales, this is made of webbing rather than chain. Commonly used for long necked breeds. These collars are adjustable, and are available in 20mm,25mm, 40mm and 50mm widths.

Half-check collars
Often used for training, these collars have a chain loop, which tightens the collar when pulled. These collars are adjustable, and are available in 20mm and 25mm widths.

House collars
Flat collars with no clip or tightening action. Commonly used simply to hold tags, slip over the head and adjust to fit. These collars are adjustable, and are available in 20mm and 25mm widths. Smaller collars will only have a small adjustment range, so if your dog has a large different between neck and head circumference, please chat to us before ordering, as it may need to be made to different measurements. Personalised items cannot be returned, so please message us if you're unsure.


We use strong polypropylene webbing for all our collars and leads (unless stated otherwise below), and 20mm/25mm widths are cushioned for extra comfort. Polyproylene is hard wearing, non-absorbant and doesn't rot, making it ideal for pet accessories.

Left to right; hi-vis yellow (polyester), white, grey and black.

Left to right; navy blue, royal blue, bright blue and sky blue.

Left to right; yellow, emerald green and forest green.

Left to right; hot pink, baby pink (nylon 10mm only) and purple.

Left to right; burgundy, red and orange.

Other colours may be available upon request.


We only use quality hardware for our collars and leads. All metal hardware is either welded or solid, so there are no weak points. Our plastic clips have 4 locking points, unlike cheaper clips available which only have two.
Our metal clips are patented Alu-max aluminium clips, designed and made in Germany. They're lightweight, but stronger than plastic clips, so a great optional upgrade!

Custom printing

We have been specialising in custom printed items since 2013, having had our raw materials specifically manufactured just for us, to produce clear and vibrant prints. They're all printed in-house, using a manual process. This often involves a 'blind' printing process, where a substrate is sandwiched between transfers. Due to this, designs are not always perfectly aligned and sadly this is unavoidable. Collars and leads may have small areas of darker print or a gap where the pattern repeats join. Our own designs are usually created with this in mind to minimise the impact, but with customer designs it cannot always be avoided. Please bear this in mind when ordering.

Anti-scratch protection

All our printed in-house ribbons have our unique anti-scratch protection. It's a secret but completely pet safe treatment, which makes ribbons tough and durable, keeping them looking their best for as long as possible. However, they are not indestructible, so we always recommend removing collars from pets when not supervised, if they're prone to scratching or chewing.

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