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lisapurdy5 , Etsy

very cute

shipped on time
boofields, Etsy

Brilliant collar

Our cat did not mind wearing it at all. We removed the bell, though. He lost it in a fight with another cat. The buckle opened, as it should.
Hanne, Etsy

Items exactly as described

and mother and daughter loved them!
karenjpalmer, Etsy

Was a present for a friend

who absolutely loved it, would definitely buy from them again the mug is gorgeous!
Fiona, Etsy

Beautiful item with great detail

Beautiful item with great detail
natasha, Etsy

Great gifts

Very cute I know the recipients will love them.
Virginia, Etsy

Lovely collar

really pleased looks exactly like the picture so cute
Janet, Etsy

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Abbie, Etsy

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johnbrindley1, Etsy

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johnbrindley1 , Etsy

Lovely collars

Purchased 3 for my cats. Had to chase for delivery as not delivered for over 1 month although it was Christmas. All 3 collars have since come off the cats. 2 cats came back without the collars after 2 days and the 3rd collar was posted back through my door and all the clasp pieces had snapped off rather than the quick release it should have done. Worked out an expensive 2 days worth of collar!
Seretta, Etsy

Nice quality collars

I love how much information can be included, this is the only collar I could find like this. Now I don't have to hear a jingling when my dogs run around/ are playing. Thank you!
Jayda, Etsy

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MoeBosakPhotography, Etsy

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Dawn, Etsy

Exactly as pictured!

Delighted with the product and service recieved
Eilidh, Etsy


Exactly as pictured
Eilidh, Etsy

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Emily1111, Etsy

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Alexandra, Etsy

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Paola, Etsy

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Paola, Etsy

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Michael, Etsy

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Jules, Etsy



Arrived very quickly

and the children love them
trishtherest, Etsy

Love the collar

I ordered for my cat Daisy-Rae it’s right up my street as I love to have unique items for her, the collar is amazing quality and it didn’t take long to come, will be ordering again and I will definitely recommend to other pet owners
Bethany, Etsy

First time I have purchased from

Etsy and from leading the pack. The ordering was really easy. The item arrived quickly and was perfect, no more worrying about losing tags as the info is on the collar. Would definitely use again and very happy with the item and service, thank you!
jo, Etsy

Was given a dog collar

size 23cm instead of a kitten collar size 13cm and seller refused to fix and/or refund! Disgusted as I have a child with Autism and this was for her kitten. Don’t recommend this seller! Leading the Pack responded: Our kitten collars start at approximately 13cm, and adjust bigger, as explained to the customer. We tried to help, but unfortunately she didn't seem to understand, and was measuring the collar at its largest. Our personalised items are not returnable unless faulty, as they cannot be sold on. Etsy issued a no fault refund.
Margaret, Etsy

Very cute!

My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter loves this mug! She loves horses and she has a mug like Mama! Fast international shipping. I received it 5 days early!
Vada, Etsy

I love this collar

Even if the ends get frayed, the lettering stays clear and readable. Even if my four cats scratch it, it STILL looks great
Willow, Etsy

my husband loves his new mug

thank you so much :)
Copperhare, Etsy

I absolutely love these collars

They are very cute, safe and considering my older cat likes loosing hers they have stayed put (so far) Thank you so much x
jademeehan02051, Etsy

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Paige, Etsy

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Sarah, Etsy

Love it!

This is the second purchase from this store and I am always pleased ! It’s hard to find personalized collars for Small dogs!
Heather, Etsy

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Kristen, Etsy

Perfect memorial tag

for a doggie whose most favourite toy was his sheepy! Tag was exactly as described. Love it♥️
Rachel, Etsy

Great customer service

Emily gave me the opportunity to change my order after purchase to something kids suited. The quality of the bands and printing is great and now I will feel much more comfortable when my triplets disappear off at the park or in town that they can ask someone to call me if they get lost - the ankle bracelets especially won’t fall off!
DrWobbly, Etsy

Got it as a gift for someone

and they loved it! Thank you!
Troy, Etsy

Quick delivery

really cool and unique item, thank you :)
Timothy, Etsy

I’ve been looking for a ‘Westie’ Lead for a long time

and was delighted to have found this. I love it! Ordering was easy, delivery within stated timescales. Thank you very much!
Steph, Etsy

Arrived promptly.

Looks great.
sallylnashsn, Etsy


so helpful to clip on my son's clothes in case he gets lost
Lilicat, Etsy

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Jessica , Etsy

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Sappatron, Etsy

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Julianna , Etsy

Customer service was subpar

but the negative review actually reflects the quality of the product. My dog has been wearing this tag for two days and the edges are already banged up and have small dents all over.
Jacqueline, Etsy

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alexlthorne, Etsy

Really well made

just as described, arrived as expected due to being handmade. Very happy, will order from this seller again.
Helenpoppy, Etsy

Better than I expected

and I had high expectations! Thank you!
Laura Lilian Mary, Etsy

Exactly what I was looking for

May need to order a second :)
ledwigan, Etsy

Bought as a gift

and the recipient loved it - it came well packaged for posting - superb quality!
Julie, Etsy

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natrocboy, Etsy

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Jodie, Etsy

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Jodie, Etsy

Collier de bonne taille

très belle impression. Il semble de bonne qualité, à voir dans le temps !
Charlotte, Etsy

Quick delivery and super cute mug

Absolutely love it, beautiful <3
Mimi, Etsy

Brilliant secret Santa gift

Brilliant secret Santa gift
Pauline , Etsy

I got this product

for a colleague for secret Santa and she loved it. Absolutely lovely gift
Katie , Etsy

Beautiful mug

Arrived very well packed, in perfect condition and in time. It is a gift for a fellow greyhound owner, I must hint for somebody to buy one for me. The best dogs really are pointy and the artwork on this mug is delightful. I love that the inside is painted in a rich, bold colour so that you can choose one of many variations to represent the dog and complement the owner's personality. I love this mug, and I am sure that the recipient, when this gift is opened at our "Secret Santa" at work next week, will love it too. Thank you.
sashibesidesea1 , Etsy

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nscotchmer1 , Etsy

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Tracey, Etsy

One of our daughter's stocking fillers

turns out it's her favourite present! Arrived in time ... no breakage! Can't thank you enough.
Julie, Etsy

I could not find another cat collar

that combined all these features, so I bought these collars even though the seller lives in England and I live in America. I may have paid more in shipping than for the collars!
John31415 , Etsy

Had 3 or 4 of these from other suppliers

but this is ONLY one where letters dont fade. . I'll be buying a few more 100%
Del, Etsy

Junior looks super handsome in his new collar.

Good quality and I love that it can be personalised
Jessica, Etsy

Bought mug as a gift.

It arrived in good time, very well packaged and it beautiful. I loved it and so did the person I bought it for.
Maria, Etsy

Light weight but durable

perfect for the little lady that needs some fashion
warkelpie, Etsy

Great collar!

Even better in person, the design is great and seems very sturdy. Looks lovely alongside the tag i purchased, will be buying more in the future. Thanks again!
Chloe, Etsy

An absolutely beautiful collar

definitely will be ordering again!
Owen, Etsy

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